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Official Artworks showcase by kittozutto.  








Official Artworks showcase by kittozutto. © kittozutto



Artwork produced under the theme 'Growth' for Tiger Translate - 100cm x 70cm.

Growth is a progression. In modern Asia, we are growing out of the conservative mindset and being more open to ideas and creative expressions, while at the same time struggling not to lose our traditional virtues and values.
— Tiger Translate

Forever Fades Away

Nothing lasts forever, because forever fades away.


We were invited to be part of the World Cup 2010 Artists' Series, whereby illustrators from each of the countries that Nike is sponsoring during the Football World Cup in Africa, 2010, are invited to illustrate the 'Call to Arm's' of their national team. Although the national team never made it to the World Cup, it is the same spirit of bravery, courage and daringness, that we felt we should have to venture to new terrains, to push our limits, and to prove ourselves against the odds. After all, only dead fishes go with the flow. Direction by David from Accept&Proceed.

We were given the word ‘Dare’ and a reference of our work that Nike particularly like. After an idea ping-pong session with David from A&P we came back with a singular abstract representation of the Lion, which not only represents the Singapore national team ‘The Lions’, but also appropriate as Singapore means Lion City.


Everything is more beautiful because we're doomed - 3 x 59.4cm x 84.1cm.



Illustration for Kult magazine issue 2.

We change clothes, hair colors and skin colors. We put makeups, gel, hair wax and tattoos. We shave, pluck and have Brazilian wax. The more evolved the more civilised we become, the more artificial we are.


Bubbles are something insubstantial, something intangible. If it were, probably only for a few seconds.
And it is this very same reason that bubbles, like us, appear to be the most beautiful because of our similar ephemeral quality.



Go With The Flow

‘Only dead fish swim with the stream’ was a quote by that became our raison d’être.

… We settle for the merely good because Greatness is just too anarchic to deal with! To keep peace, we sacrifice the work. Only dead fish go with the flow…

We hope this quote will inspire you, like it did for us.


59.4cm x 84.1cm.


Mushroom Girl | Barns & Buns | Peaches & Cream

Girls series - 59.4cm x 84.1cm.