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Official Artworks showcase by kittozutto.  








Official Artworks showcase by kittozutto. © kittozutto


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Six Years Later


We take a look at the idea of ‘surface’ in an iWorld where every surface provides wonderment to the masses and yet is still only a gateway to even more wonderment.
— Six Years Later

We're on Six Years Later magazine, Surface issue. The 6YL magazine is an art-only magazine that explores where a particular theme could lead society within a period of six years. It’s a big world and there are big problems. Six Years Later is an opportunity for artists around the world to have their voices heard and their artwork seen.

Skull Face


Over 70 artists get to grips with Death in all its guises. An unequaled showcase of today’s painters and illustrators, featuring the likes of Alex Garcia, Ron English, Jeff Soto, Shawn Barber, Mike Giant and Jeral Tidwell.

Our work is featured in Skull Face, together with more than 60 of the world's best custom, tattoo and lowbrow artists like Ron English, Jeff Soto, Buff Monster, D*Face, Jeremy Fish, Tara McPherson, and Mike Giant.