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Official Artworks showcase by kittozutto.  








Official Artworks showcase by kittozutto. © kittozutto



One off, hand embellished artwork for the ‘MASKS’ group show curated by Kult & ASHU at DIESEL ART GALLERY in Shibuya, Tokyo, from Aug till 11th Nov 2016. Highlights on parts of the feathers, as well as eyelashes, are added using coloured pencils. A custom embossment featuring a skull cicada (セミ) is stamped below the image. 59.4cm x 84.1cm.

Blurring the lines of Street Art, Sculpture, Illustration and Craft, the multi-media exhibition brings the contemporary mask into the spotlight as 26 Asian Artists from 7 countries explore what “MASKS” means today in the context of Modern Asia.
— Diesel Art Gallery


Part of our on-going SEASONS series. 



Part of our on-going SEASONS series. 



Our tribute to the ephemeral David Bowie.

We can be heroes, just for one day.
— Bowie


Commissioned tutorial for Photoshop Creative Magazine issue #136, where we shared our process of creating this artwork as a step-by-step guide.

Officially the world’s best Photoshop magazine, Photoshop Creative is jam-packed with practical Photoshop advice and incredible step-by-step tutorials for all abilities and versions.
— Photoshop Creative


Artwork created based on Dia de los Muertos. - 50cm x 50cm.



Commissioned artwork by T3 magazine, one of UK's top gadget magazines, for its September 2015 issue, based on the theme of "Rise of the Robots".

It’s 2015. Where are the robots that our diet of 1980s sci-fi flicks promised us? There are no T-1000s waging war against hemmed-in human armies. ... Scour the Web’s tech news and you could be forgiven for thinking that robots are no more than fancy toys for gadget fans. Have we all been sold a future that’ll never exist?
— T3


25 artists worldwide are invited to collaborate with Nike for their Hypersense showcase at The ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Inspired by the spirit of football, and Nike Football’s innovations that will take to the pitch this summer, these artists have created personal interpretations of the beautiful game.
— Nike Hypersense


Artwork for kult magazine's Memory issue, inspired by the Japanese candy Flute Lemonade, a candy that we grew up on.



Group exhibition for HBO's Game of Thrones. Mixed media with hand-screened printing, gold leaf and diamond dust embellishes.

As part of a charity initiative, the full range of art pieces at the HBO Game Of Thrones Art Exhibition will be auctioned, with bids collected at the gallery throughout the duration of the exhibition. Proceeds from the silent auction and sale of the limited edition posters will be donated to The Design Society scholarship for design students.
— HBO Asia

Hymns For A Dark Horse

Commissioned artwork for Esquire Magazine Feb 2013.


For his fortieth birthday, Art’s mother decided to order him a wife from Amazon. Art’s possible wife was a low-resolution thumbnail, subtle and serene. Art’s mother frowned and dithered. Her mouse hovered and clicked on the link for “Buy more than 30 used and new of this model”. Art’s mother was practical; surely you couldn’t go wrong with a popular model...
— Hymns For A Dark Horse


Commissioned typographic illustrated logo by kult using one unbroken line for kult magazine's Unbreakable issue and label.

In this world that we live in, in an age of recession, depression, technology & stress, people are becoming more confused, tense, volatile. Pressure is coming at us from all sides. Optimism is eroding. A young generation grapples with the world around them, and looks to an uncertain future ahead of them.
— The only response is to persevere. To withstand the pressure. To stand your ground. In a word, to be Unbreakable.

As Bees In Honey Drown

Group exhibition for The Art of Rebellion - 70cm x 100cm.  Interpretation of the Chinese idiom - To reap what you've sown.

24 artists and 3 poets execute a contemporary exploration of Chinese culture; a play on the power of idiomatic suggestion.
— The Art of Rebellion ▷ visual interpretations of idioms ▷

Of Science & Religion

Group exhibition at 83 club street - 211cm x 211cm.

As we grow immuned to seeing recycle signs and green logos everywhere, we invited 5 new wave artists take a fresh look at the theme of Global Warming. As we sink into rising water levels, these artists remind us of what’s going on around us. Its not all doom and gloom, bring your sunglasses to see this world from a new perspective. These artists take their cues from street art and modern pop culture to speak to us in a new language.
— 83


Group exhibition for Bombay Sapphire Blue Room - 3 x 100cm x 150cm.


A visual smorgasbord of artworks along the theme of “infuse with imagination”, inspired by BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® will be contributed by artists or designers who are renowned in their respective fields, ranging from visual artists and motion graphic designers to photographers and fashion and jewellery designers.
— Bombay Sapphire

Nixon Art Mosh

Group exhibition for Nixon Art Mosh. Moth - 50cm x 50cm. Gaze - 70cm x 100cm.

Nixon Art Mosh is a one stop show featuring some of the finest underground artists. This informal showcase is a global travelling art installation which features original work from Nixon artists, as well as a showcase of local artwork. The Art Mosh is also a way to give back the community and thank collaborators and supporters so far.
— Nixon Art Mosh


Cover for the Illustration issue of Computer Arts Projects #151, with a spread about the process behind. Print edition comes with Spot UV on the cover.


Artwork to help raise fund for Japan Earthquake 2011 - 59.4cm x 84.1cm.


Designers for Japan brings designers and imagemakers together for our friends in Japan. Our contribution entitled Jishin: Benevolence. In association with Creative Review. All profit from D4J print sales will go to The Red Cross / Shelterbox.
— Designers for Japan